Working in the Field

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Here are five key reasons you should consider a healthcare career too.

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Since , healthcare has become the largest source of jobs in the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations are projected to grow by 18 percent, or 2. Your chances of finding employment and staying employed are also much greater than in other fields, thanks to advances in medicine and the dramatic growth of the aging U. Also helping to increase the demand for healthcare workers was the passage and implementation of health reform legislation the Affordable Care Act , which provided medical insurance to millions of additional Americans.

Working in the field

Indeed, there are few professions where you can touch the lives of others—and make a difference in them—the way you can in the healthcare industry. You can care for patients as they recover, assist families through some of the most difficult times in their lives, or work behind the scenes to keep a medical facility running smoothly. Regardless of your specific role in the industry, you'll play some part in helping people, or even entire communities, and positively affect their lives as a result. Whether you have a GED or a Ph.

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While you need many years of education to be a doctor or a nurse, there are hundreds of other roles available in the healthcare industry to be explored, including ones for high school graduates, college undergraduates, and just about every other level of education up through the doctorate level.

Due to the high demand for workers in the healthcare industry, careers in healthcare are among the most lucrative job options available.

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As expected, the more highly skilled and educated you are, the higher your pay will be. Health careers are some of the highest-paying careers, with physicians and advanced-practice clinicians topping the list of most highly compensated healthcare professionals. Why do you think there are so many TV shows about hospitals and medical professionals?

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  • Shows like "Grey's Anatomy," "ER," "House," and "Private Practice" are successful because the medical field is exciting, ever-changing, and dramatic in nature. Fast-paced, filled with challenges and offering the chance to work with new patients from all walks of life, you'll never experience the same day twice. Even though healthcare offers a plethora of great career choices, medical jobs are not for everyone.

    Make sure you do your due diligence and research ahead of time, to determine if working in healthcare is right for you, and if so, which medical career is best suited to your skills, interests, needs, and financial situation. Some medical jobs are highly stressful, with long hours and intense, high-pressure situations.

    If you're not cut out for a clinical position, consider management or administration, or investigate working in another setting like a laboratory, public health agency, insurance company, or university.

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    More in Student Resources. By offering your time to support and enable those who are skilled, enthusiastic, adaptable, and eager, working in a developing context, you will make a difference in eye care provision worldwide. Brien Holden Vision Institute. Working in the Field.

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    Become a mentor in global optometry In locations where optometry schools have recently been established, there is a lack of professional development support for new graduates to progress along their career paths to becoming faculty themselves. Without the development of locally grown faculty the fledgling optometry school will struggle to become self sustaining for the long term. We are calling on experienced optometrists to work as faculty and mentor new graduates in developing communities who are working hard towards forging a sustainable path for the new profession.

    We believe mentoring is a powerful and effective way of transferring knowledge, skills and experience.