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First you saw him: a 16 year-old Indonesian kid, mean-mugging in a pink polo and a fanny pack. Seriously: who was this kid? At the beginning of , before he put out his debut album Amen , he formally changed his name to Rich Brian, eager to jettison some problematic baggage he still carried from his initial foray into rap. The beats are often structured around sun-kissed guitar and dramatic John Williams orchestral strings.

As he tackles larger themes — like sex, relationships, family, celebrity, and sex again — the charm and tension that made his earliest work compelling evaporates. Brian rides for his home in the album visuals, too.

His wide-angle takes on his career offer some of the most resonant moments on The Sailor. When he acknowledges that he is, by far, the biggest rapper to ever come out of Southeast Asia, his music takes on a greater meaning. While Brian dedicates a few songs on The Sailor to soberly dissecting and reliving a failed relationship, he is generally much more interested in articulating his feelings about sex — namely, his desire to have it at all times. Distribution Locations.

The Sailor

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Local Voices. Music Music Reviews. Optimistic Apocalypse Music. Shop Local View Past Issues. His engine is broken and he is trying to fix it. The hurricane season is in full swing with the entirety of its destructive power. Johnson relies on his friends to tow his boat to nearby hurricane hole in the mangroves if a hurricane is coming. He paddles his old and leaking dinghy with all his force to the shore to buy vodka and a bit of food everyday. Here, we see the clumsiness which comes with age, unwillingness to change, despair in loneliness, with both glitters of his past and thoughts of the end.

All of the film is shot through observation. The way he has lived his life has started to be impossible due to his age, yet he knows no other way.

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What could he do?! He is still keeping his log book and writes in it daily. All captains are obliged to keep a log book during navigation and for Johnson it became a lifelong habit.

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He keeps writing in his log book throughout the years of anchorage in the bay. This logbook serves as the main narrative of the film.

Gus, the local harbor master is trying to help him with fixing the engine, with the danger of hurricanes always present. In the bay a new supermarket is being built, which is due to change the dynamics of the whole place.

Carriacou is one of the few places on the planet which maintained its purity throughout the years, but now the change is coming. Treatment : I am a sailor. I have sailed the Atlantic Ocean.

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When I arrived at the island of Martinique after 35 days on sea, I knew right there and then. I am ready to sail again. I want to spend all my life at sea. Sailors talk about the sea as if it was a human, a woman actually, a very wise one. She is trying to teach us, to communicate with us.. They have been sailing for decades and when they talk one can hear the rhythm of the waves in their voice. Humility is their common feature. Then I met Johnson. We looked at each other and we knew, we are of the same kind. Paul Earling Johnson is now 80 years old.