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To be continued Later on page 14 - Ooops! That's a pretty big mistake, calling Jordan Dyson Miles. Later on page 33 - Oh dear, another editing miss - I've now seen both 'maturity' and 'property' spelt with hyphens in the middle of the words, e. Later on page 45 - Another erroneously hyphenated word - pro-ject.

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I wonder if this is an Adobe Digital Editions formatting fail. Not that that would negate the author or publisher's need to check the editing before the okay was given to go ahead with releasing this eBook version, but it might be a plausible reason for why I'm seeing such strange editing problems that may not be apparent in paper copies. Later on page 71 - I'm pleased to notice that an irritation with the constant announcing of the date with each POV change has been fixed.

Now the date is only noted if it's different from the previous chapter or POV, for example if a couple of months have passed or we're watching a flashback to the future, much less repetitive and annoying. Readers aren't stupid, we're going to assume that it's roughly the same date as the last paragraph unless you tell us, so, glad to see Stirling no longer thinks we need to be told that it's the 'present day' for a hundred pages straight.

At the moment I'm feeling a bit impatient to read more Sarah and more John and Dieter chapters. The other ancillary characters' chapters are a little bit slow, my heart rate and excitement pick up whenever Sarah or John and Dieter are mentioned. So, lets fast forward through Clea's learning process, and Ron Labane's campaign for a less convenient and less machine driven world, and Colvin and Warren's currently slightly boring meetings regarding the progress of the third secret underground facility, and get to John's plans on what to do about that third Cyberdyne facility and Sarah's escape or release from the clutches of Pescadero.

Another thought that has always bothered me from watching the movies, and continues now with this series of books. Why doesn't Skynet send a whole army of Ts back to around the same time as when the first terminator was sent back? Why do they only send one at a time? I don't think Skynet could ever achieve its goal of killing Sarah, before John is born, or the both of them after he's born if they keep sending only one terminator at a time. Amass an army and send them back all at once, Sarah, and or John, might be able to survive one Terminator at a time, but they'd never be able to escape a horde of them mowing down everything in sight.

That little piece of illogicality from such a coldly intelligent computer has always bothered, because if I can see that solution why can't it. Not that I'm not on the Connors' side and don't enjoy watching them tear the Ts apart and outsmart the more intelligent terminator leaders. I just like stuff to make sense and I don't think that failure on Skynet's part makes sense.

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Later on page - First there's a horse called Linda, now there's a deck hand called Arnie who, hilariously enough, is currently on board with two Arnie lookalikes. LOL, I wonder if Arnie is going to get killed by his namesake. Despite bringing the added benefit of extra guns, I really doubt the gun runners or the Sector agents are going to be of any help once they realise what the second Dieter is.

They'll likely be paralysed with fear or confusion giving the terminator the time to terminate them before dealing with Dieter and John, although maybe their presence will be enough to distract it while Dieter and John destroy it. Plus the fact that we haven't heard from Alissa in ages and that the last thing we did hear was that she was going go through the next growth spurt. What if Wendy is growth-spurted Alissa? John's turned into a really nice boy, despite his hoodlum past and uncertain future. In fact, I reckon the actor, Edward Furlong, would rather live his most famous character's life than his own - he's an ex-husband, ex-father he is no longer allowed to see his child , ex-actor the last notable part he had was playing a continuing character in CSI , ex-prisoner, drug addict - things have not gone well for Edward.

Despite the looming war and death-filled future that awaits John, no matter what he does, he's a pretty well-adjusted year-old just with a few extra abilities that most year-olds can't claim. I'm glad to say that theory has been smashed, but I am still a little worried that whatever Wendy's program thing is meant to do it'll somehow end up doing the opposite, giving Clea the ability to sentientise Skynet when she couldn't previously. Later on page - Oh dear! I think I guessed right. Clea just admitted that Skynet's sentience was an accident, and what more surprising accident than someone trying to sabotage Skynet and stop it from becoming sentient only to accidentally awaken it.

Later on page - Attached instead of attacked. Not sure 'take' is the right word here. Later on page - Aha!

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I knew he wasn't dead! Now he just has to work out how to get out and make his way to the base, on foot with no weapons or outer clothing or goggles. He might still have the knife, maybe he could butterfly one of the seals and wear it as a cloak kinda Empire Strikes Back -like. Later on page - He's eating raw seal blubber? I definitely think I'd rather be stuffed inside a tauntaun than eat raw seal. I can practically taste the fatty fishiness on its second go round over my tastebuds.

Plus they would have made a serious dent in the penguin population of Antarctica and they're just too cute to see getting eaten by evil polar bears. This got a little slow in the middle, compared with Infiltrator , so I can't rate it quite as highly as I did that one. The loss of view spoiler [Wendy hide spoiler ] was quite upsetting and I feel that it wasn't absolutely necessary to kill view spoiler [her hide spoiler ] just to force John to grow into a man.

He was turning into such a nice young man, now he's going to be moody, unwilling to trust, and so much harder in the third book - what a shame. I currently own that book and I've got a number of other library books that need to be read first due to them being due soon. Infiltrator and Rising Storm were complete impulse reads, I was simply checking the library catalogue to see if I would be able to borrow them when the time came, and then when I saw that they were eBooks I requested them on a whim, only to find out after that you only get six days to read an eBook, compared to three weeks for physical books - how weird is that?

Okay sorry, I'm waffling and this isn't germane to my review of the book, so here are my final thoughts: despite not quite making 4.

Терминатор 2. Две трилогии: Рассел Блэкфорд и Стивен Стерлинг.

Lots more books awaiting my attention, talk to you all later View all 5 comments. Oct 02, Jason Brown Toastx2 rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. As not-seen-on-tv, Harper Entertainment presents a special throwback collection: all the greatest hits of the Terminator saga all in one place!


T2: Rising Storm features the best in contemporary junk sci-fi with hits from S. Stirling, and homage paid back to James Cameron and William Wisher, key-masters of the Terminator universe! Run Run…. New material is available.

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The first five hundred orders will include a home Terminator in your choice of three different colors. Jan 05, Steven rated it liked it.

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  7. This is not as strong as the first one Wendy is poorly handled as a character certainly John's relationship with her develops in a way that is impossible to believe. More importantly, Ron's timeline does not This is not as strong as the first one More importantly, Ron's timeline does not match the other characters' timelines at all - he seems to have several extra years pass in there somehow, whereas John's age caps the series at only a few years.

    The 2nd part of a trilogy set 6 years after the events of the T2 film, and ignoring the T3 story, this is about John Connor, now 16, and his mentor Dieter - the human model for the future Terminators - trying to stop Skynet from being created. Meanwhile, the other cyborg killer is on the trail of still-recuperating Sarah at Dieter's Paraguay ranch. Anyone who liked the Terminator movies will love this book. In fact, it's exciting enough to win new fans for the franchise.

    July View Full Version of PW. Stirling, Author. More By and About This Author. Hunted for years, Sarah and John Connor have waged a grave battle to save humanity from destruction. They and they alone can keep the apocalyptic Judgment Day—the day when sentient machines move to destroy their human creators—from occurring. Aided by Dieter von Rossbach, an ex-counterterrorism operative who will eventually be used as the physical model for the T Terminator units, the Connors have sabotaged the Cyberdyne research facility and stopped a deadly I Infiltrator unit from completing her mission.

    But the war is far from over, and now the heroes have been separated. Severely injured—both mentally and physically—and recuperating under military surveillance, Sarah Connor must face her deepest fears Meanwhile, von Rossbach, hunted by both the CIA and his former allies, begins a delicate mission to recruit supporters and arms support for the coming battle. Aided by a beautiful and brilliant MIT student, John Connor starts a desperate campaign across the United States and Central America to prepare an unsuspecting human race for the dark times ahead.

    For the original I Infiltrator unit left a contingency plan—and, unbeknownst to our heroes, more Infiltrators have initiated their own clandestine operations, including the hunt to terminate the Connors. And this time, despite all their efforts, the brave heroes may not be able to stop the future war between human and machine.

    Cyberdyne Corporation is not the only one with plans for the computer network, and hidden far away in a top secret military base, a fledgling Skynet takes its first steps toward sentience