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Elsewhere in the temple complex, Myanmarese monk Vilas Ga, 30, was doing the parikrama peruambulatory walk , when the second bomb went off near the Mahabodhi Tree.

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  • Militant attack in Kashmir shatters years of calm.

Possibly more powerful than the first blast, the impact of the second threw him to the floor and he found splinter injuries on his face, neck, chest, abdomen and feet. Dorjee was visibly shaken, but still mustered courage to come by himself.

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Verma said he was jolted out of his sleep by the sound of the blast. Former local legislator Sarbajeet Kumar was on his daily morning walk to the temple when the bombs exploded. Due to the impact of the blasts, windows were shattered in one of the buildings, a wooden door at a small temple was destroyed and debris strewn inside another building. Arvind Singh, a member of the Mahabodhi temple management committee, assured that the temple complex was safe and had suffered no damage.

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The first blast took place close to it, but its impact was contained as the crude bomb was placed under a concrete bench at its base. This is where the two monks, who were meditating, were injured. The second blast, he said, took place in the enclosure where religious texts and books are kept.

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Furniture was damaged, but statues and monuments nearby were spared. Locals said there was panic all around.

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HR Ahmad Hindustan Times. Then I heard three booms in succession. The windowpanes rattled. The whole house shook.

Violent confrontation with suspect shatters early morning calm in Reading neighborhood

At first, Beil, who has lived in California, thought she was feeling an earthquake. Once she learned the shuttle had been destroyed, she headed for nearby Highway , where she had heard a piece of the spacecraft had landed.

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  6. She stayed there for hours, gathered with other somber residents who had come to see the piece of black metal, which had landed on a grassy strip dividing the highway. And I just want to stay with the story as long as I can.

    After nine years in the Air Force, Bruce Wright knew the sound he heard at about 8 a. Wright, of Waxahachie, about 40 miles from Dallas, was in bed at the time, and his wife, Mary, had just brought the newspaper inside when the shuttle broke apart. He was a student at the University of Texas at Austin when the Challenger exploded in and has vivid memories of that disaster, he said.

    Violent confrontation with suspect shatters early morning calm in Reading neighborhood

    When Wright lived in Austin, he had gone up to the roof of his house early one morning with his son to show him the shuttle flying overhead. After he heard news reports of Columbia's destruction, he packed his wife and two sons into his car and began visiting debris sites. His son Chris, 12, carried a video camera to record the day's events, and his younger son Jake, 6, toted a still camera. King, who lives in a renovated old schoolhouse with heavy insulation, said she doesn't usually hear noise from outside. But she heard plenty of it yesterday morning.

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    I felt vibration along with it. In Slocum, about 30 miles from Nacogdoches, Kauyela Oliver, 14, was being driven to her job as a sales clerk at BJ's Hitching Post when she heard a loud boom that shook the windows of her family car. Lionel Whitaker, 37, of Alto, a caseworker for a mental health facility, was lying in bed when the shuttle broke apart. I was shocked. I've seen the shuttle before when it passed over at night, then it was like watching a shooting star. I was incredibly saddened when I heard the news.

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    Doug Ruby and his father were driving along a Texas highway, headed off on a fishing trip, when they apparently caught sight of the shuttle. We thought it was the sun shining off an airplane,'' Ruby said. They were all balls of fire, before it went over the tree line.