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God intends our anticipation of his final judgment to be a powerful deterrent to unfaithfulness and wrongdoing.

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God extends grace and mercy to all who will heed his call and his warning. Do not pass up, even for one day, God's invitation of grace and mercy to seek first his kingdom of righteousness and peace. This day may be your only chance before that final day comes. Born in at Lucera, southeastern Italy, Francis Anthony was the son of very poor peasants; but he was a bright lad, and received a good education from the Conventual Franciscans in his native town.

When he was 14 he received the habit of St. Francis among the Conventuals, and in he was ordained to the priesthood. He was then sent to the Sagro Convento, adjoining the basilica in Assisi where St. Francis is buried, for the purpose of continuing his studies.

Two years later he received the doctorate in theology, and he was then appointed lector of philosophy in the college conducted by the Conventuals in his home town. He was promoted successively to regent of studies, guardian, and provincial, which latter office he held from to After that he served as master of novices, and then as pastor of the church of St.

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Francis in Lucera. A bishopric was offered to him, but he declined it.

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From the process of beatification we learn that Francis Anthony was diligent in study, fervent in piety, prompt in his obedience to his superiors, devout in meditation, and most exact in the fulfillment of all his duties. He was also mortified and given to the exercises of penance even to bloodshed. From his youth he was an "angel in the flesh, more an angel than a man. Once, while he was absorbed in prayer, someone who happened to be in the church heard a voice saying: "This priest prays much for his people.

Saint Jerome, Priest and Doctor — Memorial. Jesus was not concerned about it and, in fact, tells them not to prevent him. So why were the Apostles concerned? Most likely because of jealousy. The jealousy we see in this case among the Apostles is one that can creep into the Church at times. It has to do with a desire for power and control.

The Apostles were upset because the person casting out demons did not follow in their company. In other words, the Apostles were not able to be in charge of this person. Though this may be hard to understand it may be helpful to see it in a modern context. Say someone is in charge of a ministry at church and another person or persons start up a new ministry.

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I was to hold things in until someone was ready to acknowledge them through the lens they wanted to see them and me through. Crying and emoting was seen as being beneath me and I learned to dry up my tears and to forego any real type of way to release or harness everything I was feeling.

I felt like a caged animal, raised to be one way but aching to bend the bars and be something completely different. He was taught that he was never good enough and that he needed to release himself through violence and aggression to be heard and acknowledged.

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He moved 15 times, through 12 different schools and was never given a solid foundation to learn, love and live on. He was ripped out of things he started to know only to be forced to get to know something completely different. Values, a sense of being and a secure self was never established nor was it seen as being important. He grew to want to run away to find something that was already inside of him but never quite nourished.

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His insides grew crooked and contaminated with fear and anxiety. Stay quiet, stay moving and nothing will be seem as bad was the way he went through life. Him and me meet and it was electric at first. We were thirsty to uncover everything about each other and were willing to rub each other raw to find something we were both missing, craving, in ourselves.

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We were constantly dueling to get an upper hand and our egos were at war with themselves and each other. Fire and fire were burning and no one could understand the reasons why. My old self was digging itself into my current life and after much struggle to fight what I had failed to acknowledge, I was defeated and I surrendered.