Prime Cuts: Prelude to Maladyne Murders

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And believe me, I go through a LOT of coffee, at home or on the go! Curious as to my character developments? Want to discuss ways to generate ideas? Get into the mind of a serial killer?

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Want to know ways to get around Writer's Block? Interested in knowing the different voices between original fiction and fanfiction? First and foremost, I've always been a writer. It's ingrained in me. Ideas burn through my head, words dance around my imagination, and I become as emotionally invested in my stories as any of my readers. Exactly how often DO I write, you ask? Get up in the morning, have a pot of coffee, and begin my creative journey. At night, I have an old computer in the closet that's hooked to a wireless keyboard I keep on the bed.

I even carry notebooks in my car for when I'm running errands. You never know when divine inspiration will strike. Yes, it's a lot of writing, sitting for hours on end, staring at a screen or scribbling with a pen. But to me, it's worth it. It's cathartic.

Prime Cuts: Prelude to Maladyne Murders

Whether it's writing for a newspaper column, magazine article, or even on my own novels, my LOVE though, first and foremost, is in fanfiction. That is where I feel the best. Sort: Category. Take Two reviews Everyone knows there are moments that take your breath away and moments you wish would freeze forever. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are no different. Sometimes, one has to Take Two. Vengeance reviews Sequel to Vigilance: Donatello becomes an unwilling specimen to dark and dangerous men.

It's up to him to discover their agenda.

Bring back Shredder? Free Eric Sacks? Take over the world? Or something far more sinister? Complicating matters, he falls in love, much to the dismay and anger of Leo, who is determined to put a stop to Donnie's relationship, one way or another. She has no intention of following through, but Leo is Dominate for a reason. She's about to find out exactly how dangerous it is to be near the epicenter of an Earthquake. Lessons One of the many lessons taught by a wise, honorable sensei to his impressionable, young students. However, some lessons come with a higher price.

One must always bear karma in mind. If this kind of subject matter offends you, then don't read it. That simple. Distinctions Missing moment from the lives of the mutants we've come to know and love. Sai Fi Raph-centric one shots featuring our favorite hothead and the pivotal moments that define him as the brash, violent, shell of sarcasm we've come to love. Don't Wanna! Submit reviews Learning of the mutants should have incited fear, but once their appearance, and obvious masculine prowess is observed by feminine eyes, there's no stopping the wild, erotic fantasies.

The only way to curb curiosity is to submit to the impulses.

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  • Warning: Contains adult situations. Dont like? Don't read. First Time reviews In their eagerness to grow up, the turtles quickly learn that patience and wisdom comes with age. And that especially pertains to women. Single chapter stories that deal with the turtles and their "First" one night stands. Vigilance reviews The city is safe from Krang and Shredder, the turtles patrolling the streets of New York, protecting its citizens from criminal threats, hidden in plain sight. When Leo saves a young woman, he finds himself battling not only the bad guys, but his own foreign emotions.

    With the Foot exploring ways to bring back their leader, will Leo's distraction come at the expense of the world? Until the End reviews Captured by a maniac and sold separately for genetic experimentation, can Michelangelo's brothers prevent the unthinkable?

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    Or will they suffer a fate worse than death? What It Takes reviews What does it take to bear the burden of leadership? Raph thinks Leo doesn't deserve it, but he's about to find out how difficult it is. The Measure of A Turtle reviews Raph ponders on why he wasn't chosen to be leader.

    With the guidance of Splinter, he realizes the qualities that make Leo the right choice, and learns something about himself along the way. A day that had scarred the city, and nearly cost the life of Raphael. Disciplinary Actions reviews Never screw with a Praxian. Especially one that has been granted leniency to incorporate "human corrective measures. Prime's voice asked again, so softly, it barely carried in the short distance between them. Could you sentence Bumblebee to termination? I Swear reviews What the slag is a "Swear Jar?

    The Aby of Darkness reviews Sticky. Sunstreaker's reputation as a ruthless fighter and violent lover are well known. But when his passion can no longer find completion, he searches for what's missing. Unfortunately getting what he wants just might kill him.

    Nature's Waltz reviews Haldir has served the Golden Wood faithfully for centuries, but at what cost? A dangerous, surprising, and wonderful adaventure awaits the Warden just beyond the borders of Lothlorien. Fallen Embers reviews While on a mission, QuiGon is several injured. ObiWan is believed to be dead. A mysterious force block prevents Qui from remembering the truth. Chaos ensues. Can Lord Elrond find a cure, or will the two advisors remain inflicted forever? Haldir and his brothers embark on a mission to find out whose kidnapping elves.

    With elements against them, orcs outnumbering them and evil everywhere, is there any hope for this quest or will they fail in the attempt? While visiting, Haldir learns some of the ins and outs of parenting, much to his chagrin.

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    Thank you for your patience A Lesson Learned reviews Aragorn is growing up and has the normal adolecent pangs, which makes life difficult for Legolas, Elrond and the rest of Imladris. Will Aragorn pay heed to his elders advice and not tempt the fates? And what kind of punishment do the fates have in mind?