Paul and Juliana: A Novel

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The Abendsens get the award for most mismatched names in terms of awesomeness-normalness. From now on, all of our pets will be named Hawthorne, because why not?

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Hawthorne Abendsen is the author o If we could only hang out with one fictional character or couple from this book, we'd want it to be Paul and Betty Kasoura. Childan goes on about how they're young, handsome, and well-dressed th Ed is not only the mastermind behind Edfrank j Yatabe-Tedeki is the flip-side of Baynes-Wegener: he's a military person traveling undercover for a secret meeting in Tagomi's office. As a guy with an office, Tagomi has lots of assistants, many of whom aren't very interesting.

Paul Burke

There's Kotomichi, a young Japanese assistant; Ito, a young Japanese assistant who tries to speak Swedi Pferdehuf is Hugo Reiss's assistant. As we note in the "Roles" page, we don't see a lot of Pferdehuf, but the fact that Tagomi and Reiss both have these assistants reminds us that they're both gove Lotze is a German artist whom Baynes meets on the rocketship to San Francisco, but his main claim to fame is that he's a ridiculous Nazi.

When something looks weird to him, he says things like "it Ray Calvin doesn't actually show up in the book, but he's the guy who buys W-M's fake antiques and sells them to antique dealers who don't know any better, like Childan. More interesting is Rita, w I could quite easily sit back and watch the companies tear into each other while trying to eke out one more user.

But it struck me how petty and, well, lazy it is.

SOSV: Inspiration from Acceleration

It confuses me how people feel justified to stoop so low, and yet it happens all the time. I know SaaS can be a brutal shit of an industry.

When it comes to proving your worth over your competitors via legitimized critical comparison blog posts, it seems like no holds are barred. And the cheap shots are always the first to be taken.


A good product comparison can be useful for customers. In fact, I saw a recent suggestion that companies should leave comparisons to these supposedly impartial platforms. For me, the issue with third-party review sites is many of the reviews are, well, of questionable origin. Many, if not all reviews are solicited.

The Truth is Comparisons are Awful

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On the one hand, we allow third-party sites to pay for neutral reviews and decimate the perception of our software. These newly chosen of God were named Quadratus, Acacius and Stratonicus, and they were immediately executed. The tormentor tried to seduce Saint Juliania with a promise to take her in marriage, if she were to renounce Christ, but the saint refused the offer of the tempter and remained steadfast.

By order of the emperor they gave the martyress over to a house of ill repute for defiling, but the Lord preserved her there also: anyone who tried to touch the saint lost their sight. Then the enraged emperor commanded that they again burn at the bodies of the saints.

Lilacs for Juliana

The people crowding about and seeing the suffering of the saints began to murmur loudly, and Aurelian gave orders to behead the martyrs immediately. With gladdened face the brother and sister went to execution singing: "For Thou Lord hath saved us from the vexatious and hath shamed those hating us". A statue of St. Juliana is located in The Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican The statue created was c.

The height of the statue is 3.