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Everything is clear and lies open before him, and to him we must explain the way we have lived. I believe most may be missing this because many forgot or don't know about the two houses becoming one again the Northern and Southern tribes, as you can see the verses below show that Yeshua came only to bring the two tribs back together, so just maybe if you are saved you belong to one of lost the Trib as we know it, you see Nathanael is an Israelite and Yeshua is being called the King of Israel, showing that He is the king of all the tribes when they are together is Israel, there is so much more to this then wha tI can go into here, but once you understand this then the word of the Father will take on a bigger and New er meaning to you think of the prodigal son this is the story of the lost Tribe.

I will stop here now you start in kings where they were spilt, and you should be in Hebrews when it is done, when He noww can remarried his divorce wife back because of the death of the testator. Jacob, Israel would not be a true Israelite although he got his inheritance through deceit pretty much stealing it from his brother and tricking Isaac to give him his blessing.

It may be indicative of the manner in which a follower of Christ must be a true Israelite, not a deceitful one.

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Nathaniel may have followed Christ for other reasons, we never can tell what a person felt who met Him for the first time, but I'll bet it was tremendous. Nathanael was given a revelation that before Philip called him, Jesus saw him under the fig tree. The fig tree was significant. A sacred place of prayer,study and meditation. A place of peace and safety in the midst of cruel circumstances.

A place of longing for the Messiah to show himself as King.

Fig, Fig-tree

It is awesome that Christ revealed his heart toward Nathanael. He was man of no pretense, no false estimation of himself who had been sincerely seeking the Messiah. Jesus takes note of the fruit or evidence of our faith. In Matt. Fig tree's bear fruit before foliage. The clothing of the tree the regalia of worship was really the biproduct of a fruitful life.

Consider the Sponge

Oh how he knows the sincerity of our hearts! And with that knowing reveals more of Himself to us. He promised Nathanael he would see greater things! He would from that momment on see Jesus in full revelation as the stairway to heaven, Gen Jesus would from that moment be someone who stood in the Gap between heaven and earth fulfilling the longing of Nathanaels heart indeed. Here's an off-the-wall take on the whole event. I'm not sure what to make of it but I'll throw it out there to get community reaction. Apparently, the story s a funny scenario consisting of a humourous exchange between Jesus and Nathanael.

Here's the text, from a reader of The Straight Dope :. Philip found Nathanael and said unto him, "We have found him of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. Nathanael [not getting it] said to him, "How do you know me? You are the king of Israel! Gets laughs!

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  • A fig tree will happily grow in a sunny spot, or in a polytunnel or greenhouse.
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    Figs are in season: here’s how to grow your own

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    Liquid soaps Liquid soaps. Scented Hand Creams. Upright, Wrapped Up Tight Joe Gallo of North Haven is another first generation Italian with a passion for figs, but a different approach to overwintering them. Each fall Joe ties up the branches of the bigger ones, groups all together snugly, and then fills the spaces between them with brown paper leaf bags filled with leaves, plus compost, dirt, and more leaves tossed in where needed. A final layer of old swimming pool covers completes the winter preparation.

    Several lengths of PVC pipe are inserted here and there for ventilation. On this early spring day he uncovered a section and we found buds already forming on the old wood, along with some spots with dieback that he simply pruned out. Jose Morais of Bridgeport has a show-stopping group of three year-old fig trees on his property — one was brought as a cutting from his native Portugal.

    This means that when a person comes to look for fruit, it is already in the 4 th year of that tree. In this parable, the man had come to the tree after the initial three years were passed. Year after year, for three consecutive years, he came to look for fruit but found none. We may assume therefore that the tree was at least six years old by this stage.

    But the vinedresser intervened with a plea for patience. He wanted to give the tree one more year. Let it alone, sir, for this year too v.

    The “Problem”

    Six plus one is seven. The tree will be seven years old at that time. You know that in the Bible, seven is a number of perfection. I wonder if it has a meaning here.

    Common fig

    He has waited for a full seven years. In other words, his patience has been expressed to the fullest possible extent. He waits and waits until there is no more hope left.

    What is the biblical significance of the Fig Tree?

    I will give it one more year. But after that, if it is still fruitless, cut it down. Beyond that point, it cannot go anymore. Beyond that, it would be irresponsible to let the fig tree grow in the vineyard. Because it is depleting the soil. Remember that a fig tree, like any plant, takes a lot of moisture and nutrients from the soil to sustain its growth. Every year the tree remains barren is a loss to the owner. The other vines and fruit trees suffer. And he could have used the same parcel of ground to plant a productive tree.

    Pleading for mercy. Then we come to the question of the identity of the two characters. Who is the owner of the vineyard? Who is the vinedresser?

    From the parables of Jesus, we know at once that the owner of the vineyard is God Himself. In the parable of the wicked wine-growers for example Matthew , it is quite clear that God is pictured by the owner of the vineyard. Who then is the vinedresser? The picture is also quite plain.