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Everything you experience will alter the physical structure of your brain in some way.

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A bunch of neuroscientists wanted to explore how brains can change. To do this, they called on London cab drivers and some serious brain imaging. A series of brain scans conducted on a group of drivers after their training revealed that their brains had actually changed to support their learning. Fast forward to the end of training, and it was found to be significantly larger. The longer a cabbie had been in the job, the bigger that part of their brain. Experiences matter. They matter in the moment and in the way they can change the brain beyond the immediate moment.

Your brain will build and change whether you like it or not. At first, the mark might be so faint as to not even be noticeable, but keep going over the mark, even with the slightest of pressure, and that mark will get more defined and more permanent. Experiences, situations and people — positive or negative — will leave lasting traces on your brain by way of strengthened neural pathways. What you focus on will determine the parts of your brain that fire, wire and strengthen.

What Matters The Most

If you let your mind settle on self-criticism, self-loathing, pain, distress, stress, worry, fear, regret, guilt, these feelings and thoughts will shape your brain. You will be more vulnerable to worry, depression, anxiety, and be more likely to notice the negatives of a situation, frame things in a negative way, and be barrelled off track by what you could have or should have done.

We are wired to notice threat and bad feelings. Because we humans are powerful creatures, we can go one better than imagining it — we can do it, but it takes a hard and deliberate push, which is okay — because we all have that in us. First, we have to switch on to the good and be deliberate in noticing positive experiences. This might be more difficult than it sounds, particularly if you have a brain that, like many beautifully human brains, is well-trained in noticing the bad.

Hold on to it for at least 20 seconds. This will start to grow these parts of your brain and shape a brain that is able to notice the good, respond to the bad and move forward, rather than stay stuck. Try calling on a memory, listening to a song, making a phone call, organising a catch-up, playing or doing something that makes you feel nurtured.

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Like any habit, noticing the good takes time to become automatic. Notice how quickly you notice the bad and let go of the good. Be deliberate in balancing things up and gradually, this in itself will also change your brain. Negative feelings are never a no-go. Negative feelings are important too and deserve to be there. They guide us to withdraw when we need space to heal, they alert us to problem people or situations and they act as a warning sign.

Negative feelings should be honoured as much as positive ones but they will come with a cost if they are allowed to take over. The neurons that fire together, will wire and cause lasting changes in the brain.

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  7. Staying in bad feelings beyond their usefulness is will do damage. The wisdom will always be in there somewhere. Certainly an avoidance of negative emotions will have its own costs.

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    Take some time to focus on your resilience, your courage, your strength, your inner wisdom. If you are feeling lonely, take time to draw on memories or people who love and appreciate you. If you are feeling drained, take time to draw on experiences that nourish you. By directing your focus and staying with your experience, you can change your brain and shape it towards a more positive, compassionate, resilient, kinder, happier, more empowered and contented way of being. You can turn positive experiences into positive brain changes, which will in turn change your day to day experience.

    What you focus on is powerful. The brain will build around what it rests upon. Whether we view the world through a lens that is sad or happy, optimistic or hopeless, whether we are open to love or quick to close it down is all directed by our brain. What you pay attention to will shape your brain, which in turn will shape your experiences, your relationships, your life. This article explains the science behind that creative […]. I always feel like what i expect to happen does not happen and i get the opposite. Like if i expect things to go smoothly it is a mess.

    If i worry about something and stress over it it ends up going fine. How can i overcome this.

    Who sees the data?

    Thank you so much Karen! I enjoyed reading this article it really explains the big picture…. Hello Karen, you have shown how our daily experiences and our brain are interconnected. There is not only science in your statements, there is great charisma! Your article is just in time.

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    Its thought provoking. Thank you! Ask Seller a Question. Title: Grow by Focusing on What Matters Publisher: Business Expert Press. Growth and competitive advantage are about effective positioning. Building effective positioning is challenging today for firms facing new and stronger competition, volatile and uncertain markets, and shifting customer desires and demands.

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