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Shelve Keeping Him. The Wolf's Gift by Caitlin Ricci. A creepy phone call, a sudden trip out of town an… More. In any case, we have fallen. Victoria once learned in a science class that no two things can ever really touch, that even when it looks or feels like two objects have made contact, there exists always an infinitesimally small space between their atoms, a molecular cushion of politeness or, as Victoria came to think of it, prudence.

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The mice are in the basement, caged and pegged for the belly of a snake. Young Lolly had a case of echolalia—though neither Gram nor Lolly knew the term back then nor knew it was a condition, an ailment of sorts. Last summer, my mother began the burning right after my father choked to death on a chicken thigh. The summer I started to live on my own, I bought a pig. I bought it off the side of the interstate, hours east of the city. On the Fourth of July, , my younger brother jumped off the kitchen counter and cracked his forehead against a claw-foot stool.

Last I hear from my sister Jorie, the poet is unwell and back in Iowa with his children and ex-wife, on dialysis twenty-four seven. Earvin works the Flyers gas station all day, from an hour after sunup all the way through the evening. Through the kitchen window above the sink, she eyed the empty side yard. Here is what I dreamt when I finally got to sleep in the early morning: Someone had taken all the eggs from my fridge and devilled them.

His mother sits on the floor. Outside, a few soapsud clouds drift against the blue. Nothing has prepared them for the Colorado wind, which is no ordinary wind but a sudden, pugilistic wind as violent as any Atlantic gale. Paul sat on the toilet and held his hand out the window, cigarette hanging from his fingers.

And then he heard it. By the end of my first month of piano, Miss Harry pretty much pronounced me void of rhythm and close to tone deaf but tried to be tactful in laying out my faults, not wanting to offend my mother. Lynn Drucker was the sort of woman who had made me reluctant to attend the group in the first place, and now she wanted to be my best friend. Keep in mind, I was still new in town.

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I had no community here, no family. At a time when I needed to be seen, she saw me. After Mom and Dad split up for the third time, Dad left immediately and Mom spent a record-breaking week in her bathrobe. We took Emmaline on what promised to be a particularly stormy night. They could not afford the honeymoon Alicia wanted most — mossy-hilled Ireland or terraced, pastel Cinque Terre — but she managed to find a getaway closer nearby, in Cape Meares, that would still feel far from home.

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She wants to know if she will have two toothbrushes now or if she will bring the same one back and forth, its bristles wrapped in shredding tissue to keep from getting germy. This is how my father greets me on the phone this morning. Sometimes PJ imagined herself as an embryo, floating in a tempered glass tube in a laboratory somewhere off the coast of northern California Mwela has a lot of theories.

He tells you about them each night after dinner, after the fish fryers have cooled and the last of the ugali is scraped from the tabletops Aiden weighed pounds and the gap between his front teeth seemed to widen every time he checked with his tongue. He had a place that belonged to him in a private and warm way: Byhalia, Mississippi. Shortly before Kenton Pierce discovered the bones — human bones — he flushed thirteen ruffed grouse.

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I wrote Marie back. It was a love letter, a farewell card. That was over a year ago now. So far, I like it a lot better than my previous job — cocktail waitressing at a strip club in North Beach called The Condor.


The first class I took when I got back was Theory of Football. It was a three-unit course, ninety bucks per unit, and it ran for sixteen weeks. Things were going well with my girlfriend. Surprising, since we were both near forty and had never been married. She could barely make him out. He—she was certain the figure was a he —was a fleck, a disturbance on the horizon, and—this was another certainty—he was coming her way.

Jack slowed the orange VDOT truck, lurching to a stop in front of the carcass on the side of Route Reina was six years old when her father took her up the long winding mountain road to see the dying Giant. We started with the little things: scraps of junk, things of no import or stuff we could do without. Near the edge of Lake Shikotsu in southwest Hokkaido, Yuudai Takahashi claimed a patch of flat, dry land. Imagine you've tried and failed to be a writer, and, your literary dreams up in smoke, you meet a nice man, and fall in love, and decide that if you aren't cut out to bring a unique work of art into the world, you might as well bring a unique human being into it.

Because the soles of our shoes cannot be allowed to wear unchallenged, we stand at the corner near Ma Lizzie's bakery, while Gyasi hammers curved metal heel protectors that look like horseshoes onto their clean elastomer surfaces. There was a trial and national press, but a couple loud conversations at the bank spread the word just as well.

Rosemarie Ippolito is a steady ender. H ave you heard the one about Thunderwoman? Creator made her with the heart of Thunderbird.

Legend had it, if you left your truck running in the alley behind the Thunderbird Motel, laid a ten-dollar bill on the front desk, and asked the clerk for a cherry donut, a woman would appear and take you to her room. The pineapple was flying! It paused at the pinnacle of its arc, weightless, and then began its descent—slow, sinking, faster, faster—finally landing with a thump into the tall grass beside the road. Walking through the courthouse, Newman felt like an alumnus on a campus visit.

Both at home and out of place. A collision of past and present. The cantaloupe a friend gave us sits on the table. That voice.

Gravelly, loud, insistent. Odessa Ross, widow and owner of the Fulton Hideaway Motel, was one of twelve who survived the grocery store massacre in Montgomery, Kansas, that April, and one of seven who escaped to the parking lot uninjured But then again, everything today reminded him of something else.

When I was a boy, firmly enveloped in those delightful pubescent years of changing voice and The first ricochets off the pine tree to his left and rebounds from his jeans, rolling to a stop a few feet away. I want to do this. But the body has other ideas. Press your face against the locked glass door. The cab rolled toward me, headlights and roof lamp glowing in the dark. They finished the dam during my last year of high school.

It is a simple, off-white thing, one of many to be found in the cafe she runs with husband Sid. For the eighth time today, I wonder what it would be like to kill my ex-husband. Arianne Robertson was taking a fitful nap in her old bedroom. Hurricane Katrina had passed over the city hours earlier. Because of a morning assembly and then a fire drill during first block, first lunch was postponed It starts as a build-up of energy that rises up from the pads of your toes to fill the space behind your eyes. An wheeler carrying ten thousand kilos of watermelons had wrecked spectacularly, spilling its cargo from a height of two kilometers, near the peak of the Tu-Ashu mountain pass that looms over the cold northern provinces of Kyrgyzstan.

You scan The Shopping Network again for the thing God wants you to buy, the thing for the troops. In the center of town was a square, and in the center of the square was a huge green lawn, and in the center of the lawn was a booth. When he was six, his father held a knife to his throat and threatened to kill him if he ever touched his LPs again. I unzip the front of my flight suit, peeling back the sweaty polyester, but I stop halfway.