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All considerations have a strong research background, our portal-based proposal for sustaining knowledge management in organizations being subject of some Romanian research projects that are fitting in the European research demarches. The analysis, projecting and implementing, Ed. Economica, Bucharest, ;. Universitara, Bucharest, ;. Conception, Design and Development, Ed.

RisoPrint, , Cluj-Napoca;. Knowledge-Based Enterprise. Login Create Account Admin. All papers reproduced by permission. In the lead article, 16 innovation experts were asked what most inspired innovation in their organizations. Answers included the need to let people experiment and take risks, recruiting people with divergent knowledge and skills, extensive networking.

With nearly ten years of cumulative material tracking developments and issues in knowledge management, this resource is heavily used by practitioners, researchers and consultants from around the world. The new look, designed by Simon Eaton, provides simpler navigation, while the use of a content component approach for development using Companion supported by a Microsoft Access database , makes ongoing updates, maintenance and future changes much easier.

Key sections of the site are Management Insights , the I3 UPDATE archive 63 issues from from present , articles and papers , Powerpoint presentations , KM resources and links , and a knowledge shop with briefings , guides and tools for business managers and KM practitioners. As its first leader, Inman can be credited with architecting the facility selection in Austin, the recruitment of a significant number of large-scale companies who were in many cases, arch competitors. Admiral Inman's primary activity since has been investing in start-up technology companies.

An active network of professionals based in the UK, each meeting combines a guest speaker and syndicate session to discuss related issues. Over the years the focus has shifted purely from information management to the broader perspective of knowledge management. Over the decade, there have been 27 papers resulting from the content of IRM meetings, published in Managing Information. It represents a good example of partnership at the regional level for innovation and for incubation support for start-ups.

In something of a coincidence really! Here are the details:. This well established series of events is taking place, as usual in January 15th - 17th Jan The organizers are inviting abstracts by 31st July for one of the three special themed tracks: 1 IC in government and not-for-profit organizations; 2 Managing relationship and reputation capital; 3 The role, relationship and impact of mission and vision statements in enhancing an organization's IC.

This new book by Elaine Dundon gives practical, down-to-earth examples, advice, tools, and techniques on how to stimulate innovative thinking and decision-making at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Published by the American Management Association.

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Elaine is founder of the Innovation Group Consulting Inc. As part of its pre-publicity for KM see Events , Knowledge Management magazine is interviewing the 6 keynote speakers asking them to share their vision for the future of KM. Among the key points that Edna makes is that managers cannot initiate innovation, they have to create the right environment.

She described how she helps customers create innovation laboratories and develop innovative competencies. Innovation needs attention to culture, processes and technology. A telling point - one innovation laboratory manager told Edna that most of their ideas came from older not younger people - but it needs the youngsters that have the energy to push them along - there's hope for us in the grey-haired or no hair brigade still! I was privileged to attend the launch of KM pioneer Leif Edvinsson's latest book 'Corporate Longitude: what you need to know to navigate the knowledge economy'.

Portal progress and KM: The Plumtree portal system. (Portals).

It was here that Phileas Fogg started his journey "80 days around the World". Leif's premise is that we have the wrong tools to navigate effectively in the knowledge economy. Accountants and others measure the wrong things. He likens the situation to that of the British Navy ships being lost in the fog before the 'longitude' problem was finally solved. And it was not one of the establishment, but an outsider, a provincial clockmakers Thomas Harrison who solved the problem.

Today, we need to "move away from the cash register to the chronometer" and we must also figure out "how to take care of knowledge outsiders". The book isn't just about measurement though - it covers innovation, i-commerce. It is a well researched, thought provoking and insightful read: Amazon. In a survey of 54 business firms carried out by ECKM at the end of last year over three-quarters of the companies surveyed have or are establishing a KM program.

Nearly half have a KM officer. Several questions addressed development and training. Many of the winners are well known names in the KM movement. Buckman Laboratories headed the list for a second time. Its K'Netix system has helped it deliver "creativity for our customers". Eleven organizations make it pun intended! Debra Amidon's new book has gone to press. Teleos has announced the results of its survey into North American organization's recognized by their peers as world-class leaders in managing knowledge to deliver superior performance.

The winners are in alphabetical order and reasons for winning:. According to Rory Chase, managing director of Teleos, MAKE winners show a improvement on their total return to investors, compared to the Fortune median. The study also identified the 'Enron Effect': as a result of Enron's spectacular bankruptcy, North American companies have become aware how corporate reputations, brands and other intangible assets - their intellectual capital - are the drivers of market capitalization and shareholder value. Claimed as the first comprehensive guide to the solutions, tools, vendors and consultants in the KM marketplace, it will be distributed to an estimated 15, senior KM practitioners starting with those attending the GlobalKMExchange event in New York - see Events.

Simon Lelic, editor of Knowledge Management says "The education phase in the establishment of knowledge management as a vital management discipline is coming to an end.

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The challenge facing companies now is to identify the business objectives they are looking to achieve with their KM initiatives, and to chose the right tools and services that will allow them to realise those goals. Like portals see article above E-learning is another technology that Gartner group puts in the 'trough of disillusionment. Many e-learning initiatives have failed to meet expectations. Organizations are realizing that e-learning is not a one off project but a long term commitment. Despite its positioning on the downward slope Gartner remains optimistic about its future it will climb out of the trough and estimates that the market will continue to grow rapidly.

Citations include:.

See Events. Perhaps the sample was unrepresentative, being biassed to those who use their fingers more than their mouth to communicate? Anyway there are some more snippets on the recently revived after an unexpectedly long absence of Knowledge Management Magazine formerly published by Curtco Freedom Press in its new reincarnation as destinationKM Communicator which you can receive monthly by email. This newly revamped and reorganized website has some new articles on various aspects of knowledge, connectedness and innovation, including one on Singapore's Innovation Agenda.

Aimed primarily at professionals in the Far East with an interest in the new economy, the site also links to the new business of Patrick Lambe and Edgar Tan - Straits Knowledge, where you will find a calendar page which lists upcoming conferences in knowledge, learning, innovation and leadership. One of the most fascinating articles is that by Chin Hoon Lau who explores the vulnerability and instability of virtual knowledge networks, such as the Internet Biologists, an online community of scientists facing the issues of the Internet as they try to stay virtually connected.

To read this article you will need to subscribe, although each issue and archives has a selection of free articles to give you a taster. The issue of certification and standards is arousing interest - and sometimes hostility - in KM circles. Whereas the purpose of GKEC is to develop global standards and policies, that of GKES is to socialize, share knowledge, develop career building workshops and conferences, develop continuing educational programs, foster professionalism and ethical behavior, promote the profession, form chapters, and assist the GKEC in the development of international standards.

Still confused? What are we talking about? To take advantage of this offer, contact Debra Email: debra entovation. It offers week-long courses whose successful graduates achieve certification as a Certified Knowledge Manager. In the works is an information clearinghouse for software and technology vendors to showcase their KM-related wares. It sounds a promising venture, although its knowledge base on its website left us unimpressed. The combined solution of the two complementary collaboration technologies will help organizations build enhanced intranets, extranets and collaborative learning and commerce environments.

An example of collaboration leading to better collaboration solutions - presumably the two organizations will use their new solution as their own core knowledge collaboration platform? A recent article 'eLearning: which side of the coin? However, we have come across a recent connection between a major elearning provider - NetG - and a KM software provider - Knowledge Management Software. NetG has a modular approach to elearning materials and has a vast library of over 80, 'Learning Objects', mostly relating to IT training, and each providing around 5 minutes of training on a specific task.

The challenge: how to find which module matches the needs of a particular individual at a particular moment.

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The solution from Knowledge Management directs users to the right piece of training in response to their questions expressed in ordinary English or any natural language , but also checks with the users as to how appropriate the response is. It then 'learns' from their evaluation so as to come up with a better response next time.

Among comments received this month:. This compilation is interesting in that there are several contribution on various aspects of IC measurements, including a report on the Danish pilot project of 20 firms who developed IC accounts and an initial chapter on thought leadership with contributions from Leif Edvinnson, Stephen Denning and Ante Pulic.

There are 20 chapters in all, and as well as IC there are chapters on intellectual property and the Internet David Brett of Knexa and Knowledge pattern recognition Bryan Davis. The book hops about a bit - inevitable with a compilation, and suffers from a table of contents that does not identify authors.

You can get by email a short Innovation Guru Insight with you each week. This recent one covered Collaborating via Knowledge Management:. Among other things, Debra is the creator of the visionary Entovation Network, a Global Knowledge Management Roundtable linking over 8, theorists and practitioners in 80 countries to leverage their core competencies and wisdom. Her work truly is a wonderful example of collaborative innovation in action! For details:. The Australian KM portal knowledgemanagement. A new and updated site will be launched on January 21 - , as a integral component of Collabovation.

In a recent newsletter, Superfactory highlighted that during these difficult times too many companies are still taking the approach of short-term cost cutting rather than using the opportunity to improve infrastructure efficiency and knowledge to prepare themselves for the future.