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I enjoyed and appreiated your article. I am going to learn mandarin pinyin, I will admit I probably wont read your comments section anymore. Great article. Yes, I think one new word per day is perhaps a little bit unambitious. After moving abroad with work and needing to become comfortable in my situation as quickly as possibly, I also realised that learning the most high priority words is absolutely crucial to making quick, efficient progress. This has really helped me at work to feel much more comfortable in meetings, reading documents, etc.

I have written a tool that identifies to people which words are the highest priority for them specifically to learn, based on their own unique situation. Hopefully this can help people in the same situation as me to feel comfortable in their own unique work or social lives as quickly as possible. It is called Box Of Words. Well, Arabic is the biggest and largest language on earth in terms of the number of words, there are more than 12 to 13 million words in Arabic excluding those recently discovered such as cars, planes , computers , …etc. Why is Arabic ignored intentionally , where other less important languages such as German , Korean, Japanese are mentioned!!

I feel that this article is biased and unfair. Hi Ahmed. Thanks for your contribution! Hi, I am arabic native and i believe arabic is the most hardest language in the world but people who have not even studied arabic say chinese is the hardest, I want to ask them Have you learned? Ahmed, the very fact that each of those definitions are pretty much identical in structure and only the end is changing makes it easier to learn.

Stating That is an apple. And to make it even worse, there are no spaces! You simply have to guess based of context when a word starts or ends. And there are many many words that are prounounced the same way except one vowel is longer than the previous word and makes it a totally new meaning. Linguists have studied languages for decades and virtually all of them agree that if you are in a romance language, learning an eastern language such as Chinese or Japanese is harder than Arabic.

But in regards to Japanese, you literally need to memorize over symbols just to be proficient to a 9th grade level. Even if you memorized the symbols, you still have to learn what the words actually mean. Even if you say that not all words follow a pattern, based off your examples a lot of those words appear to have a pattern.

Languages are a lot easier to learn if there is a pattern involved, adolescents are a lot better at picking up these patterns than adults. Also, someone in Asia for example would not need nearly as much time to learn Arabic as they already have a symbolic based language, this is specifically rating how hard it is for English speakers to learn a language, not what is the most difficult language in the world is.

If you have any clues, let me know. Awwwh that is why, I am dealing with canadian indians this is this the responsibility of others to prove 12 to 13 million words, or wait ……this just in….. Do you think that language is the most important because of numerous speakers? And the languages with less of speakers are not so important?

I love rare languages like Moksha, Northern Sami and so on and for me they are even more important! Forget about American movies or newspapers or popular teen novels, even for 10 to 12 years old!

Italian Grammar Drills : Paola Nanni-Tate :

Hi Ali. Your English seems to be pretty good for somebody who knows words, so I guess you have pretty much confirmed the results of the analysis contained in this article, which states that knowledge of to words is enough to get by in everyday life and start learning new words from context. Obviously, the number will differ from language to language and the analysis is not scientific, but if you could easily comprehend this article, you definitely seem to be on the right track. But I barely can speak. And here is where I doubt words is enough for everyday life.

But I hope there will be a time to stop reading these silly materials wrote for ESL learners. Thanks again. I find this article to have good insights, but some premises that lead the reader in believing some bullshits that will prevent them to study properly. First of all, while 3. If one wants to learn a language, one should give all his sweat and blood to that goal.

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I agree about trying to understand a word by its context. You try to find the right meaning of the word by eliminating the wrong meanings. Believe it or not, you cannot speak about languages without considering Arabic language which is used in many countries.

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It has an unknown number between 90 and million words according to different sources due to various reasons such as diacritics system. Hope that gives a short answer to your question of the biggest vocabulary language. There was no word about Finnish and Ukrainian, so what?

Looking how many words are in a dictionary cover and then producing this table?

This is so wrong! Could you possibly elaborate on the logic behind your argument, if we can call it that?

Italian Verb Drills, Fourth Edition (NTC Foreign Language)

In what way is the article misleading or wrong? By definition, the person asking the question cares enough to ask the question. So you avoided a language like Arabic altogether, I wonder why? Arabic is still oldest living language in the world with little change for the last years. No one certain when this language has started as it is old than any written history. Again, I am puzzled why such a language has been omitted from the list above mind you, I am not an Arab.

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There has been some confusion around the chinese math. Yes, I agree with you here. The same I can tell about Finnish. This for grammatical changes. However, it has lots of vocabulary for things, for example, lion has more than different words.

How many words in the english language ? How many do i need to know?

In addition, the grammar in Arabic language is huge and its a science that take a years to study it. For example, some time you can notice that it is difficult to translate the real meaning of an arabic context to another language even though you have learned the other language and speak it natively. Unfortunately you have forgotten to mention Arabic which is the most majestic language.

Read about it. Well done and thank you. Have you an estimate regarding the number of different words we use in daily parlance? Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. How many words do I need to know? Posted in How to become fluent. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. This book contains a series of brilliantly colorful and amusing panoramic pictures illustrating a basic vocabulary of words in Italian.

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Around each large picture is a frame of repeated pictures of individ Harper Collins Italian College Dictionary. This College edition of the Harper Collins Italian Dictionary offers comprehensive coverage of both Italian and English, providing up-to-date coverage of business, political, and technical terms. Il viaggio nel male ultraterreno di un uomo che ha visto i mali politici e sociali della Firenze del suo tempo. Instant Immersion Italian Deluxe Workbook. Now you can join the conversation with native speakers using Instant Immersion's Deluxe Edition Workbook!

Whether you're learning a new language for vacation, studying in school or simply polishing your fluency, Instant Immersion is the easiest and Introducing an exciting new interactive resource for mastering Italian grammar basics The best way to learn Italian--or any language--is through interactive instruction.

It's time to say arrivederci to your fears of learning a new language. With this easy-to-follow guide, you'll have no problema speaking and understanding Italian.