Die indischen Eskimos (Aus dem Reiche der Phantasie – Band 10) (German Edition)

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Her research focuses on global mobility and migration in association with the themes of class, ethnicity, labor and housing markets, transnationalism, cosmopolitanism and settlement of immigrants and refugees in Australia. She the author of numerous papers on European migration and integration policy, with a particular focus on EU policy development.

His research interests are development, transnational migration, migration—development relationships, and Caribbean tourism. He has coedited three major works on mobility and migration, focusing on the Caribbean, and authored or coauthored numerous journal essays. He is currently researching a project on the return of young transnational professionals to Trinidad. His research areas include Canadian social policy and the demography and health of Indigenous peoples.

He has published numerous peer-review articles in journals, book chapters, and other reports on citizenship and nationalism, immigration and ethnic relations, and political sociology. He uses genetic information and advanced statistical inference to reconstruct human prehistory, particularly for populations in the Indo-Pacific region.

His research interests center on the topic of education and children of immigrants, in a comparative European and transatlantic context. Katherine J. Her research examines the causes and consequences of migration and population redistribution, population and environment, and inequality.

She is author or coauthor of numerous publications in leading academic journals on spatial and temporal aspects underlying demographic processes. She is an internationally renowned specialist in the geography of health, focusing on the geographical dimensions of inequalities of health and health care, and how and why varying geographical settings relate to human health inequalities. Her most recent book is Space, Place and Mental Health She specializes in migration, transnationality, ethnicity, and gender, and has done research work in Switzerland, Kosovo, and Albania.

She has written several books on migration issues, among others about Albanian-speaking migrants; in addition, she has published articles on this topic in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies , Ethnic and Racial Studies , Global Networks , and Social Politics.

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James et al. Race and Racialization: Essential Readings Her current research focuses on questions of citizenship and nationality in South Asia through a study of the expulsion of the Indian diaspora from Burma and Uganda. He is author or editor of 15 books and more than essays. He is a member of the councils of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, and the founding editor of Mediterranean Archaeology. As a Leverhulme research fellow, she is currently conducting primary research on Dalit Punjabi identity and experience.

He is the author of many articles and books, including Storie arabe di Greci e di Romani [Arab histories of Greeks and Romans] In He has participated in a wide range of International Labor Organization conferences, symposia, and seminars and has authored and coauthored several articles and research papers on employment issues in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Belinda Dodson is Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Western Ontario, specializing in international development, and concentrating on southern Africa. Hers research focuses on gender dimensions of cross-border migration, xenophobia in South Africa, and urban food security.

Goebel and T.

Her research on Creole societies in the Caribbean and West Africa concentrates on transnational livelihoods, with regard to stratified reproduction, transnational care relations, and the moral economies of belonging in transnational social fields. She developed a particular interest in the state practice of deportation and the impact of involuntary immobility on social relations in sending countries. He has held teaching and research appointments at the universities of Harvard, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Specializing in historical sociology, his research topics are: exile politics, transnationalism, history and sociology of concepts, epistemology of history and sociology. She researches economic history and the history of economic thought, and has published works on the relationship between Indians and Spaniards in colonial California. Her research focuses on colonial legacies, national discourses, in particular the Algerian war, and discourses on taste and foodways.

He has undertaken extensive linguistic, anthropological, and historical fieldwork in Africa and written about the interfaces between archaeological and linguistic reconstructions of the past. His research focuses on critical theory, poverty, social inequality, and the sociology of knowledge. He is member of the Academia Europaea and of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and specializes in the field of demography, urban geography and spatial planning.

Examples from New York, St. Ein Reader [Migration and integration studies: multidisciplinary perspectives.

War, Trauma, and Literature

A reader] ed. She is currently researching the history of archaeology and war on the northwest frontier of British India, on the borderlands with Afghanistan. Her research is concerned with the representation of migrant experience in public space, and with the dynamics of remembering and forgetting in migrant narratives.

She also writes about the public value of the arts, and the role of cultural institutions in supporting inclusive democratic citizenship. He has published various scientific articles on maritime business networks behind transatlantic mass migration movements. As a freelance researcher he also translated this topic within museum walls for the Red Star Line Migration Museum, Antwerp. Her work focuses on the integration of second-generation migrants, particularly migration regimes and societal integration in Germany.

She is the author of Migrationsland [Migrations in ] Her research focuses on internal migration in Britain, particularly on differences between ethnic or immigrant-origin groups and, more generally, on ethnic integration and equality. Challenging Myths of Race and Migration He is a leading authority on Indonesia, labor markets, and economic development and has published numerous reports for leading national and international multilateral organizations on labor in the Indonesian economy. He is a historian of comparative religion specializing in the Iranian world.

He has carried out extensive field work in the Arctic and sub-Arctic, principally in Greenland but also in Canada, Alaska, and Siberia, and is the author of a number of books concerning the Eskimo-Aleut and Chukotko-Kamchatkan languages, including the synthetic Language Relations across Bering Strait Her research focuses on political, social, and cultural British, German, and American history of the 19th and 20th century.

She is author of Friedrich Hecker. Refugees in Mid-Victorian England She is the editor of Womenvision: Women and the Moving Image in Australia , coauthor with Mark Poole of Shining a Light: 50 Years of the Australian Film Institute , and producer of Birth of a Film Festival , a film about the first Melbourne International Film Festival, and she has published widely in the fields of gender and Australian film in local and international journals. During over 20 field seasons in the Canadian Arctic, he has studied every era of human settlement from early Paleoeskimo to historic Inuit, focusing on social organization, intersocietal interaction, and economic systems.

Dorian Q. His doctoral thesis at Cambridge University was on the origins of agriculture in South India. He has carried out archaeological work in several parts of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and worked on archaeobotany and plant domestication studies in China, Sudan, West Africa, and the Near East. Her research focuses on migration from Latin America to the United States. She began studying disaster-driven migration after experiencing Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in while on the faculty at Tulane University. Her publications include coauthored with James R.

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Donna Gabaccia is the Rudolph J. She is the author of many books and articles on immigrant life in the United States and Italian migration worldwide, including Foreign Relations: Global Perspectives on American Immigration Her research focuses on the intersections of forced migrations and various development narratives. She is the author of number of articles and book chapters on migrations, the impacts of neoliberal reforms, ethnographic method, childhood and schooling, and gender relations in Asia.

Emily Garr is manager of research at the Fund for Our Economic Future, with a focus on the competitiveness of metropolitan regions. Prior to joining the Fund, she was a senior research assistant at the Brookings Institution and the Economic Policy Institute. In , she completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Mexico, where she profiled Mexico City's diversifying service sector.

Edward George is an independent scholar, and principal, withAnna Piva , of Flow Motion, a London-based duo comprising artists, electronic musicians, and filmmakers. Their resulting multimedia art project Promised Lands explores the trope of the promised land in historical and contemporary accounts of migration, through music, images and texts. Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan is an economist with extensive private and public sector experience in strategic economic research, public policy, and corporate finance, including financial consulting.

He also teaches a range of financial economics and economic development topics at Columbia University and New York University, and has taught in the graduate programs at the New School and MBA concentrations at St. John's University and Long Island University. She was a member of the Canadian Election Study from to and has published extensively on voting behavior and political engagement.

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He has researched and written about migrant integration, popular music, participatory and collaborative art, and Jewish migrant history. Gregory P. He has broad research interests including the archaeology of warfare, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East. Her interests include immigrant, citizenship, and gender. Her work has appeared in the scholarly journals Ethnic and Racial Studies , International Migration Review , and Sociological Perspectives , among others. She is currently working on a book on the dynamics of caregiving in Dominican immigrant families. Her research interests include contemporary migration to and from Ireland, and she has just completed a two-year study of recent migrants to Ireland.

Jennifer E. Her research focuses on the importance of migration in the family life course. His research focuses on late Rome, barbarian kingdoms, early Middle Ages, and historical atlases. He is a specialist in the sociology of migration and ethnicity. His main interests are the Lusophone migrants, with particular interest in the Cape Verde Islands. Roberto G. His scholarly interests include international migration, immigrant incorporation, the transition to adulthood of vulnerable populations, urban poverty, and youth civic involvement. His research focuses on the ways in which legal and educational institutions shape the everyday experiences of poor, minority, and immigrant youth along the life course and the important ways in which they respond.

He is currently working on a book manuscript based on a study of undocumented young adult migrants in Los Angeles.

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Boris B. Her research focuses on Latin American migration and global restructuring. Her publications include From Columbus to ConAgra: The Globalization of Agriculture and Food coeditor and journal articles and reports on Latino population growth in the Midwest and their role in local labor markets. She is currently working on a project on Venezuelan migration to the United States.

His research has examined topics related to immigration, refugee studies, internal migration, and infant mortality. Elzbieta M. Gozdziak is Director of Research at the Institute for the Study of International Migration and editor of International Migration , a scholarly journal devoted to research and policy analysis of contemporary international migration. Her research interests include international and forced migration, immigrant integration, human trafficking, child labor, violence against women, religion and spirituality, and medical and applied anthropology.

Douglas H.