Crystal pendulum for Dowsing book - Discover How to Unlock your Psychic Powers. (Power for life 5)

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Complete tarot deck and instruction book. Best-selling comprehensive reference book addressing the metaphysical properties of hundreds of minerals, correlated to the astrological signs.

Psychic Abilities for Attunements Sensing & Dowsing

The follow-up guide to her first book, which updates and includes descriptions and photographs of over new minerals. The book provides new minerals with color photos and describes their metaphysical properties.

Completely revised, expanded and improved, this is the most comprehensive volume on the laying-on-of-stones. Includes new stone lay-outs and additional information not in the original volume. Addressing Master Numbers, and a cross-reference index of astrological signs and their associated minerals. A brand-new pocket-sized book from Melody! Features photographs of each mineral. See the night sky like you never have before, drawing on cross-cultural mythology, astrology and ancient lore. This bestselling divination deck draws upon ancient Native American wisdom utilizing the healing medicine of animals.

Are you ready for some pendulum divination?

Includes a deck of 52 beautifully illustrated cards, plus an instruction book of readings and guidance. Hard cover, pgs. Learn simple, effective meditation techniques for enhancing your life. This expertly written and riveting account follows the history and legend of crystal skulls from the ancient Maya to the Smithsonian and the laboratories of Hewlett-Packard.

This fun and best selling take on the laws of karma produces fantastic word-of-mouth repeat sales. Free point-of-purchase display for 1st time orders of one dozen. A rich resource for how to make and use prayer beads to add meaning to your daily life.

Explains how to use a pendulum for a wide range of purposes, from practical to the magical. Written by the author of Dowsing for Beginners. It can be life-changing for some and an eye-opening experience for others. Our spirits have lived thousands of lives. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to tap into our subconscious memories and relive our past lives once more.

You may know nothing about your past life and are curious to see … Read more. Clairaudience is an ability that anyone can develop with practice and an open mind, but for some people, it comes naturally. Are you one of them? Contents1 What Is Clairaudience?

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These ritual ceremonies can be performed at home in a number of ways and have been said to unlock the key to the … Read more. Everyone loves a good psychic reading! We all have questions that we want to be answered in our lives. From our love life to our fortunes, health, choices, the path we should take, and so much more — no one should have to go through it alone!

Crystal magic for beginners

Dreams mystify even the most hardened skeptic. When you awake from a nightmare frightened, not by anything particularly scary, but by a lake, or a handshake, it becomes obvious that dreams appeal to something deeply symbolic within the human mind. At certain times in your life, you get the urge to know someone better. Something is attracting you toward this person, and it goes beyond what can be expressed in normal conversation.

This can be a friend, a family member, or a lover. It is a yearning for a psychic link; a desire to read … Read more. Remote viewing is the psychic phenomenon of projecting your mind to receive information, without leaving your body. It encompasses an amalgamation of traits of other psychic abilities, such as extrasensory perception, telepathy, and astral projection, without equaling these abilities. It can at times be stressful and draining, but with proper understanding and listening to the … Read more.

How to Use a Pendulum to Find Anything

People have always been fascinated by the mysteries of the unconscious mind. Have you ever felt like you want to take your life back into your own hands or felt that you have experienced a desire to change? You may be on the verge of a psychic awakening. A psychic awakening in simple terms is a re-connection with reality.

Author - Richi Who

This connection then facilitates a healing from old … Read more. Have you ever been going about your business when suddenly—seemingly out of nowhere—you are reminded of a specific person? Sometimes these feelings urge … Read more. To understand how to effectively employ psychic healing techniques, you need to first learn a little bit about psychic healing and what it is. At its core, psychic healing is an exchange of energy.

Psychic healing involves one individual transferring healing energy to someone … Read more. In plain terms, astral projection is an out of body experience. It is one of the most powerful forms of these experiences. During astral projection, the soul is separated from the physical body. The astral is the subtle body that hovers over and observes the environment. It can even cross time and space barriers to … Read more. It all depends. If you believe it … Read more.

All this could be a sign that you have precognition. But your senses may be underdeveloped or underutilized. So, in this article, we are providing a guide to help you hone and engage … Read more. Clairsentience is one of the more common intuitive gifts and one of the four main gifts that we will talk about in this article. What Is … Read more.

Will Pendulum Divination Unlock My Psychic Gift?

You know that strong intuitive feeling of clear knowing that you may get from time to time? However, there are people who have natural claircognitive abilities without even knowing it. What this means is they can think about something such as a question and receive answers internally within … Read more.

Rune stones are divination tools used to help individuals to make life-altering decisions. They are often made from glass, wood, or stones. They come in sets of 24 stones, if the Elder Futhark alphabet is used, and have ancient letters carved onto them. Each symbol has a different meaning. Many times, when you acquire rune … Read more. When people desire to see the future, there are many routes they can take.