Cope by Faith: Partnering With God to Get Through and Triumph From the Cancer Experience

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I would be interested in this too! I hate because so many people lost so many family members this year. I lost two aunts, an uncle and my mom within the last four months. My mom just died on December 7th. Christmas was bitter sweet. Now my father-in-law is dying. Although I have my husband and two boys, I feel so empty. My two aunts were my favorite. The people who were proud of me and supported me are gone.

The people I was the closest to are gone. I just want to shield the family I have left. I feel the same. I lost every person that was supportive of me in the last few years. We have a difficult time communicating. I feel like I have to start all over at 53!

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I was thinking about forming some sort of support group in my home. I am right there wit you. I lost my father, my aunt, my friend and first love , and my uncle in a years time. I have really struggled. Like you, these were the people who were my biggest cheerleaders and supporters.

I spent the firs few months crying, and feeling slighted. All this to say, I do it all, whatever is helpful and not harmful. I try to remind myself that I am so lucky to have had their love and support. Everyone grieves differently so do what works for you. Keep doing something and eventually you will find yourself in a better space. I did not experience back to back loss yet it feels like it. Back in Jan my mom died and I truly felt lost.

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My next younger brother had her ashes so I had never seen them. Sept 27 my brother died and I felt like part of me died with him. It was like hurting over her loss all over again as well as losing him.

Partnering With God to Get Through and Triumph From the Cancer Experience

Just not sure how to feel,so I have been shutting it all in. I lost my husband in Nov if In I met someone, we fell in love and got engaged. He died in my arms Sept 15, I thought I was completely devastated, but I was wrong. On October 22nd, , just 37 days later my son died. I constantly have the tv on and my smart phone in my hand reading or looking at something. I need to morn my son.. I have belongings to go through.

Things to donate and give away.

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Shoes, clothes, coats.. I want to scream when someone says they are praying for me. Their God took both of them from me.. I no longer believe in a God. Heaven when I fell in love with Andrew and he with me.. Heaven when I had my son.. Grief interrupted by Grief..

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Wow, yeah I hear you. I have 2 children and a husband, and I am not sure I have focused on any of the deaths, that have ranged from cancer a lot to murder which just happened last week, my cousin was shot and killed by his moms boyfriend. I am having an increased anxiety and starting to get weird. Hi Shonia. I Lost my mom and only sibling and my dad all within a few years.

I know how you are feeling…just trying to breathe…just existing. It is all so overwhelming…each loss alone and that many losses of those so close to your heart. You are not going crazy. It is a process and drastic change of life…over and over again. But I wanted you know that you are not alone. If that helps at all. Take care of yourself. I read everything, and Know exactly how you feel. Like there is some kind of omen following me.

My friends are all happily married with families and people who love them. At the beginning of the year, I lost the love of my life, after he succumbed to pulmonary and heart sarcoidosis. He died exactly one week before his 39th birthday. He was laid to rest on the day he was born. I was 6 months pregnant with our baby girl. In Aprail, I had a placental abruption, had an emergency C-section, woke to the fact that I had pretty much bled to death, tube in throat, hands tied to bed, going in and out of consciousness.

They take the tube put, cut the cords on my hands, and bring my daughter to me. I wish God would have let me hear her voice or see her pretty eyes.

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She looked just like her brother. He calls her, baby sister. It broke his heart. But he still brings her up. I hated for my little man to have to lose his dad and sister at such a young age.

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Both my parents are dead. They died back to back over a year. All my grandparents died in one year and in that year, my cousins boyfriend murdered her and committed suicide. Then my sister died after having the lap and at Now my oldest sister is dead, she died in October. My little cousin was killed at the store this year.