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He bangs on about his power again, and walks off as music blasts and the crowd give yet another standing ovation. As he takes a moment to recover, I wonder if the young woman is having her immediate needs looked after. There are many different ways you can to invite your client to allow things to deepen and integrate. Little did I know that actually all you have to do is shout about it in small groups. The louder you shout the more true it is.

I told several of my friends about this, pressuring them to watch it, reminding them every day until they did. They were all confused. There are reasons that there is training in suicide intervention. Safety is not guaranteed for a suicidal person to speak in front of thousands of people about their reasons for wanting to die.

It is gross to use disrespectful language to order a woman to break up with her boyfriend. It is not acceptable to grab a man by his hair and drag him around and humiliate him. Spend your money on quality therapy you know, a qualified person working under an ethical framework , a mindfulness course or two, a nice weekend away, lots of ice pops. Tony seems to be goal orientated, so if that is your thing, try Solution Focused Therapy , or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

For the love of God please. Just no. From me to you. For some reason. Then everyone leaves and goes back to their lives. Cookies are yum so we use them to make your HeadStuff experience more yummy. If you want to know more about our chocolate chips, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

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Temptation Ridge

By Mia Doring Last updated Sep 17, Continue Reading. Mia is a writer, facilitator, violence against women activist and psychotherapist. Canadian Premiere Seahorse More For a British trans man yearning for a child, the journey to conceiving is anything but straightforward. Through intimate access, experience this story of heartache, determination and love that illuminates what it truly takes to be a father. North American Premiere Searching Eva More Refusing to fix her own identity and career in permanence, the enigmatic protagonist of this thoroughly millennial character study proves through selfies, sex scenes and social media that online, you can be everything and nothing at once.

World Premiere Because We Are Girls More Haunted by a childhood secret, courageous Indo-Canadian sisters from small-town British Columbia finally face their abuser in court, exposing how their rigidly sexist upbringing - reinforced even by the Bollywood films they loved as girls - conditioned them as victims.

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World Premiere Drag Kids More Four precocious preteens perfect their lip synching and runway walks in anticipation of the biggest drag performance of their lives at Montreal Pride, in this fierce and joyous celebration of acceptance and self-discovery. World Premiere The Pickup Game More This provocative insider investigation exposes the secrets of the scandal-filled yet thriving pickup industry, where would-be Casanovas pay to be coached in the art of seduction. Growing Up Female More Considered to be the first film of the modern US women's movement, this landmark doc first screened to controversy and exhilaration, profiling a diverse group of six girls and women on what it means to come of age in America.

World Premiere Lourdes More Thousands converge daily on a tiny market town in southern France, each praying for their own miracle. In this clear-eyed look at one of the world's most important pilgrimage sites, raw hope and humanity merge with the theatre of religious tourism. When his chef friends offer to cook the foods he craves, a quintessentially Italian search for happiness - somewhere between eggplant parmesan and wine - begins. World Premiere When We Walk More Recently divorced, the filmmaker attempts to relocate closer to his young son, but confronts the harsh inequity of the US Medicaid system, which would prevent him from accessing the care he needs to live while battling advanced multiple sclerosis.

World Premiere Dear Brother More After a tragic car crash leaves his brother catatonic, a man strives to tether his sibling to life through a one-sided dialogue of music, videos and touch that deepens their bond and reveals the profound mutual value of caregiving. International Premiere Hunting for Hedonia More This fascinating doc follows the historic controversy and renewed enthusiasm over the burgeoning medical practice of deep brain stimulation, where tiny implanted electrodes have a remarkable effect on depression, addiction, stress disorders and more.

International Premiere Our Time Machine More Before a Peking Opera director succumbs to Alzheimer's, his son seizes one last chance to connect, racing against time and fading memories to collaborate with him on a haunting and magical stage performance based on their lives. Trip…" More Fusing tough subject matter with wicked humour and inventive spoken word, this thought-provoking performative doc stages four young actresses playing interchangeable roles to recount real-life abortion experiences. A Lion in the House More This Emmy-winning, four-hour epic follows five children battling cancer over the course of six years.

Filmed with unprecedented access to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, it is an intense and deeply moving monument to human fragility and resilience. Canadian Premiere Human Nature More In a brave new world in which science fiction collides with fact and DNA sequences can be edited with ease, this provocative examination forces us to reconsider what it means to be human.

Canadian Premiere Midnight Traveler More When the Taliban puts a bounty on an Afghan director's head, he captures on camera his family's uncertain and dangerous quest for asylum in this account of the love shared between a family on the run. Canadian Premiere Easy Lessons More When a Somali child bride flees to Hungary, she embraces the upheaval with impressive composure - learning the language, embarking on a modelling career and converting to Christianity - all while struggling to stay connected to her distant family.

World Premiere Massacre River More When over , Dominicans of Haitian descent are left stateless after the country rules their citizenship invalid, violence and unchecked xenophobia erupts, and one woman races to gain legal status to stay with her daughter before the clock runs out. World Premiere A Kandahar Away More When a family originally from Kandahar, Afghanistan, buys land in the tiny hamlet of Kandahar, Saskatchewan, their journey to consider the potential of the Prairies reveals a generational divide and clashing ideas on what it means to be Canadian.

North American Premiere The Rest More From Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei comes a powerful work that follows the daily lives of refugees in Europe as they hang in limbo between a disintegrating humanitarian aid system and intensifying nationalism. North American Premiere Gods of Molenbeek More Growing up in Brussels' infamous Molenbeek district, a trio of curious six-year-olds grapple with oversized questions of religion and faith in a frightening adult world of subway bombings and police patrols.

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North American Premiere Letter to Theo More A love letter to the late Greek director Theo Angelopoulos becomes a profoundly moving essay on contemporary Greece: a country battered by an interminable economic crisis, yet still passionately fighting to preserve its dignity.

North American Premiere Big Ideas presented by Scotia Wealth Management: The Rest More Ai Weiwei, celebrated contemporary artist, activist and director of The Rest, discusses the plight of refugees in Europe trapped between a disintegrating humanitarian aid system and intensifying nationalism, and his mission to ensure their stories be heard. International Premiere Exodus More After years of being treated as expendable labour, thousands of Afghan migrants line up to leave Iran now that US sanctions have sparked a recession, but first they must endure the strange interrogations at an immigration centre in Tehran.

As the roots of indoctrination are traced from cave drawings through to presidential tweets, potent lies have never been better disguised. Canadian Premiere Bellingcat — Truth in a Post-Truth World More As governments grow unreliable and traditional news sources decline in relevance and reach, follow a vigilante investigative journalist collective that uses cutting-edge tech and crowdsourcing to expose the truth behind the stories flooding our newsfeeds.

Canadian Premiere Stieg Larsson: The Man Who Played with Fire More This compelling look at the Swedish journalist, whose The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series shot to wild posthumous fame, delves into his lesser-known but more significant contribution: fearlessly researching and exposing Neo-Nazism in his own country and beyond. More A young homeless woman in Slovenia, who's in love with history, her incarcerated husband and heroin, explores and squats in abandoned buildings where she can escape judgment, pursue her photography and create romance out of ruin.

Canadian Premiere Mystify: Michael Hutchence More The enigmatic frontman of wildly popular Australian rock band INXS, who died tragically in , is remembered by the women in his life, including revealing interviews with famous girlfriends Kylie Minogue and Helena Christensen. Canadian Premiere The Magic Life of V More Armouring herself with a fairy-tale alter ego through live-action role play, a young woman cannot let go of memories of brutal childhood abuse until she's ready to step out of her elaborate fantasy world and face the real monster from her past. This distinctly American biography follows him from his childhood in Queens to his turbulent NBA years to his reinvention as inspiring mental health advocate Metta World Peace.

World Premiere The Wandering Chef More In this heartwarming ode to family and the healing power of food, Korean celebrity chef Jiho Im mourns the death of a beloved maternal figure in the only way he knows how: cooking delectable dishes over 24 hours. World Premiere Hope Frozen More As scandal swirls around a grief-stricken Bangkok family and their unorthodox decision to cryopreserve their deceased two-year-old daughter, her ambitious whiz-kid brother is consumed with the effort to find the technology that will revive her.

'The Quiet One' Film Review: Reticent Rolling Stone Bill Wyman Doc Reveals Little

World Premiere Shella Record — A Reggae Mystery More When a reggae fanatic unearths a record by a mysterious diva in a Toronto junk shop, his resulting musical obsession drives him on an increasingly desperate quest to Kingston, Jamaica, to track down the song's elusive singer. His audacious involvement in covert ops and high-level politics lands him in desperate straits in this meditation on the power of suggestion.

In this probe into the tragedy, sinister new evidence draws the director into a discovery more horrific than he imagined. International Premiere Knock Down the House More This rollercoaster ride follows four progressive women - including Bronx bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - behind the scenes and in the streets as they grind through long-shot grassroots campaigns for Congress during the US midterms.

North American Premiere I Had a Dream More Filmed over the last turbulent decade, this award-winning censure of Italian government traces the friendship between two bold female politicians who face off with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in , but wind up fighting for democracy itself by But can she build a democracy on the foundations of a brutal military dictatorship and entrenched ethnic discrimination?

The Voynich Code - The Worlds Most Mysterious Manuscript - The Secrets of Nature

North American Premiere Assholes: A Theory More Inspired by the NYT bestselling book, this lively philosophical investigation into the rise of asshole behaviour across the world asks: What does it mean to be an asshole, and more importantly, how do we stop their proliferation? World Premiere Daymohk More Under the weight of Russian imperialism, a traditional Chechen dance company is caught between honouring the republic's warrior history and currying the favour of a newly installed pro-Russian political leader.

Canadian Premiere Scheme Birds More A scrappy soon-to-be mother, burning with her generation's frustration at society's unrealized promises, struggles to find peace and a future in a fading Scottish steel town rife with gang violence. North American Premiere Anbessa More Displaced from their farm, a mother and her precocious year-old scavenge on the outskirts of Ethiopia's capital. When encroaching condominiums further threaten them, the youngster taps into the fierce power of his own imagination to battle forces beyond his control. The movie unfolds as a classic biopic, beginning with Ivins' upbringing in Houston's elite River Oaks neighborhood where — surrounded by soon-to-be debutants and tyrannized by her conservative father — she says she had it rough.

Being tall didn't help either. In her words, "I spent my girlhood as a Clydesdale among thoroughbreds. The film follows her time at The Houston Chronicle , The Minneapolis Tribune , the Texas Observer, which she co-edited, and The New York Times , where her habit of going barefoot in the office and bringing in her dog — whose name was, no joke, S - - t — raised eyebrows. To make things worse, her edgy prose landed her in trouble with editors, who frequently watered it down.

All throughout the film, amid a slew of Ivins-brand wisecracks, there's room for the serious stuff, too, as Ivins fights to be heard in male-dominated newsrooms, battles breast cancer and struggles with a drinking problem enabled by the, er There's always some danger when a non-Texan takes interest in someone whose heart and soul was in this state. America, if you haven't noticed, is in love with Texas and its myths — it has been for a while — in a way that often blinds it to the reality of what's really going on here.

Engel, the director, who's based in California, is liable to fall into this trap. But she doesn't. What emerges from her film is a nuanced portrait of Ivins and the way she both embodied and pushed back on Texas stereotypes. Engel distinguishes Ivins' genuine Texan pride from the amped-up persona she often put on to make fun of those she felt were a little too Texas.

The difference is subtle. I drive a pickup truck. I drink beer.